Mark Havens' work has been published and exhibited internationally.
In addition to his studio practice, he teaches at Philadelphia University.


Moonlight Mile   Brooklyn, NY   2015
Curator: John Levitties   

Crane Arts   Philadelphia, PA   2014
Curator: Mat Tomezsko  

Continental Gallery   Austin, TX   2013
Curator: Steve Wertheimer  

Gravy Gallery   Philadelphia, PA   2012
Curators: Emma Stern & Katie Tackman  

Slingluff Gallery   Philadelphia, PA   2011
Curator: Jonathan Slingluff  

Jagr Projects   Philadelphia, PA   2011
Curators: John Levitties & Michael Gruber


The Sundance Institute   New York, NY   2016
Curator: Mat Tomezsko 

The Biddle Building   Philadelphia, PA   2015
Curator: Tim Evans 

The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts   Philadelphia, PA   2014
Curator: Will Nathanson   

Commerce Square   Philadelphia, PA   2014
Curator: Ryan McManus  


Treat Gallery   New York, NY   2016
Curator: Sherri Littlefield 

Galerie Metanoia   Paris, France   2015
Curator: Marc Higonnet 

The Tokyo Art Book Fair   Tokyo, Japan   2015
Curator: Hiroshi Eguchi 

Filter Space   Chicago, IL   2015      
Curator: Debra Klomp Ching   

LACDA: Los Angeles Center for Digital Art   Los Angeles, CA   2015
Curator: Rex Bruce

James Oliver Gallery   Philadelphia, PA   2015
Curators: James Oliver & Aubrey Loftus   

The Griffin Museum of Photography   Winchester, MA   2015
Curator: Paula Tognarelli   

Gravy Gallery   Philadelphia, PA   2015
Curator: Katie Tackman   

Second International Biennial of Contemporary Art   Buenos Aires, Argentina   2014
Curator: Maria Elena Beneito  

Johalla Projects   Chicago, IL   2013
Curator: James Pepper Kelly  

Candela Gallery   Richmond, VA   2013
Curator: Gordon Stettinius  

The Center for Fine Art Photography   Fort Collins, CO   2013
Curator: Charles Guice  

Champions of Empty Rooms Pop-Up Gallery   Philadelphia, PA  2013
Curator: Jessica Clark     

Black Box Gallery   Portland, OR  2012
Curator: Katherine Ware  

Studio Christensen   Philadelphia, PA   2012
Curator: Rick DeCoyte    

Sasha Wolf/Michael Foley Gallery   New York, NY   2011
Curator: Sasha Wolf & Michael Foley   

Samson Gallery   Boston, MA   2011
Curator: Gabriel Martinez    

Brooklyn Art Library   Brooklyn, NY   2011
Curator: Shane Zucker  

ArtSpace Gallery   Richmond, VA   2011
Curator: Santa Sergio De Haven  

AxD Gallery   Philadelphia, PA   2011
Curator: Crystal Usoro  

Part Time Studios   Philadelphia, PA   2010
Curator: Seth Shimkonis    

Artspace Liberti   Philadelphia, PA   2010
Curator: Rob Matthews    

Daniel Cooney Fine Art   New York, NY   2009
Curator: Daniel Cooney


Out of Season  (Monograph)   2016
Publisher: Booth-Clibborn Editions/Abrams Books  
ISBN-10: 1861543786
ISBN-13: 978-1861543783 

Color: The Revolution   2012
Editor: Todd Johnson
Publisher: Black Box Gallery


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The Photography of Mark Havens
The University Gallery at Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

Not What I Pictured: Mark Havens on Out of Season
The Center for Architecture & Design
Philadelphia, PA
Sponsored by The Philadelphia Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

DOCOMOMO Modern Conversations Series: Mark Havens
The Knoll Showroom
New York, NY
Sponsored by DOCOMOMO & Knoll

Snap Happy: Digital Technology, Social Media and Their Effect on Photography
A live remote panel discussion about the future of fine art photography.
Philadelphia, PA
Moderator: Jessica Clark
Sponsored by Manifesto-Ish